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Aug/10/2014 - 06:09:45 am

Prom Night I've never dreamed of

I stayed silent as I desperately tried to process what I was feeling and collect my thoughts. I felt my face began to flush and my legs turn to jelly.

"Stephanie?" I whispered. "Can I ask you something?"

"Why do you keep asking if I ask you something? I've always said that you have to talk to me or me for anything." Stephanie said soothingly.

"What is it?" I asked.

"What is it you like, darling?" She asked.

"Making love with a woman." I said I almost did not believe it was me.

Stephanie looked at the mirror, her facial expression remained the same, and she continued brushing her hair without hesitation.

"Why do you ask?" She said quietly.

"Because I want to know." It was all I could come.

"It's actually very nice. A very intimate." She said, still brushing her hair.

"Better than a man?" I asked.

"Other than a man." Stephanie replied. "You know, a woman is far more subtle It's much more attentive ... not only your body but your mind and your emotions and your soul Her skin is soft, she is a sweet taste, her touch is almost angelic, and when you kisses, You can almost feel her life force flows into you, and you do it. "

"Wow." I whispered. "That's what love is really like?"

"It should be, yes. If not, then you are most likely the wrong person." Stephanie whispered.

Even brushing her hair, I looked deeply at Stephanie reflection in the mirror and felt her grip on my biceps tighten slightly.

"So, I think you've seen it all, what is a woman?" I asked.

"Not really. I do not think I ever had a woman who really loved my soul." She said.

Feeling like my logical brain had lost complete control over the activities of my body, I slowly raised his right hand and gently took Stephanie's hand on my left hand. Stephanie brush strokes through my hair started to slow down when I gently pulled her hand from my arm and lifted it to his lips. Stephanie arms are long, slender and very sensual; and with her nails polished now fire red, her hands were sinfully sexy.

Hold my breath, my lips soft contact with the base joint of the index finger and I carefully wrapped my lips around it. Her skin was softer than I could possibly imagine, and it tasted so good. I held my breath for a second, waiting for her jerk her hand, but she did not. Then I went slowly to her middle finger and then on her ring finger and then down the back of the hand itself. Stephanie stopped brushing her hair and seemed to gently push her hand closer to my face.

After a while I slowly raised my head and looked in the mirror. View on Stephanie's face was a little hard for me to interpret; did not seem to fear or anger - if anything, he seemed content, and possibly even excitement. Feeling helpless in the grip of lust that was now overtaking me, took my left hand and placed it gently on my left breast. In the mirror I saw a slight hint of fear to lose face, so I smiled and gently placed his hand over her and began to massage my breasts. Despite showing signs of worry and fear in her face, her eyes closed and she fell deep breath as she lay hairbrush on make-up station.

With her right hand now free, I grabbed it with my right hand, and placed them both on the right chest. Shallow offer a groan escaped Stephanie lips when I held hands massaging both breasts. Slowly I raised my hands and Stephanie kneading me so very sensually all her own. Suddenly I heard myself start to moan softly and soon I felt Stephanie's body moved slightly behind, press the front part of her body against his back pleasant. When we were both straddling her make-up station bench, let me drop my hands on my hips and let your hands sensually stroke Stephanie is beautiful and strong legs over the soft silk of her pajama pants. He helped my competition and a soft moan, Stephanie seemed to relax and really started to get to massage my breasts as I heard her breathing deepen and accelerate.

Gently I leaned against her and laid his head on her shoulder as one of her hands slowly slid down her stomach and rubbed my belly over my soft cotton nightgown. I moved his hands down to her hips and slid back as far as I could reach. It was then that I felt Stephanie breath in my right ear and she threw a soft and sweet kisses.

Stephanie then moved his body to the right and I felt sliding back into nothing; that is, when her left hand slowly slid around on my chest and took her back so that kept me low and beside her. Stephanie put her right hand on my face and we looked deep into each other's eyes. Her eyes told me a thousand things; they were so incredibly captivating that I could just get lost in them forever. As I looked helplessly at this wonderful woman, my attention was soon drawn to the lips; the full, moist and juicy lips that gleamed softly in the dim room.

"Kiss me." I whispered.

"Julie, you really should not be doing this." Stephanie told me, his eyes almost welling with tears.

I raised my hand and gently stroked her cheek with his fingertips.

"It's all right. Want." I told her.

"But you're a friend of my son." She said.

"Your son does not want me anymore." I told her.

"But I can not do it. This is my son." She said, tears running down her cheeks.

"You want me, Stephanie?" I asked rather boldly.

"Julie baby, I think I want more than I ever wanted someone in my life." Stephanie said.

"Then consider me to prom night gift from my son." I so seductively as I could. He smiled

Stephanie's face was lit up her beautiful smile and tears vanished immediately.

"God, you're so beautiful." She whispered as she slowly lowered her head down.

"Not as beautiful as you." I whispered when our lips together.

I felt the vibrations of the illicit pleasure from anything I've ever experienced, as Stephanie and I kissed for the first time. Her lips were so warm and so soft. It was the most beautiful moment in my life. Stephanie was very gentle with me and kissed her tenderly, gently making our lips graze on myself, but I felt hungry, and the fire is burning deep inside of me. Resting my hand gently on the back of the head, felt her soft and silky hair between his fingers probed my mouth and on the lips opened just enough to splurge my tongue deep into her delicious mouth; and it was so delicious.

I soon felt himself lifted into the arms of Stephanie, as the bride is carried over the threshold. Stephanie language soon overpowered both mine and pushed back into her mouth. Feeling thin silk curtains Stephanie bed rubbing skin arms, Stephanie set me gently on a soft mattress, took the hem of my nightgown in my hand and slowly slid it into my body, over my head and off. Already without a bra and no panties, Stephanie could see his little naked body with just one stroke. And behold, it did. I felt her eyes feasting on every inch of my naked body like hungry termites on two and four.

Next thing I knew I was watching Stephanie and sexy strip teasing from her silk pajamas and very spicy and skimpy black lace bra and thong underneath. Stephanie Cameron is arguably the most beautiful specimen of the physical womanhood and femininity that I have ever listed on the eyes. She really borders on divine beauty. There is no swimsuit model in the world that could hold a candle to Stephanie Cameron. She is gorgeous. Aphrodite is the goddess herself diapers Skank compared with Mrs. Cameron.

"Where are you going?" I asked as I watched her step away from the bed.

"Patience, my child. Good things come for little girls who are waiting." She said seductively.

Then I watched her beautiful naked body move around the room, lighting candles and incense. Stephanie mattress was firm but soft padding was affectionate; Sheets were clean silk.

As the room slowly began to fill with sinfully stimulating scent of burning incense, I watched Stephanie spray perfume all over your body. When she finished, she slowly approached me from across the room, seductively pulling her hair out of her ponytail and shook it very erotic. Stephanie came up on silk bed hinge, which allows silk gently overlap the front of her body. The courts are perfectly round, the size of a quarter and a dark shade of almond. She must be very stimulated, because her nipples were already hard and bullet stands out as fresh pencil eraser.

I crawled on my knees and came to her, pressing my body against her body now covered with silk. We started to rub each other all over with silk between hands and other skin. Stephanie passed silk and gently slid tongue deep into my mouth as he slid onto the mattress with me. Laying me gently, we are entwined in a tight, passionate embrace and fell into an incredibly deep kiss. Her body was so strong, her skin was so soft and the kiss was so passionate about. I think I could really love her soul, and that's what I wanted to do. When we finally arrived at the air, Stephanie was on me, gently stroking my hair and looked deep into my eyes.

"So beautiful." She whispered.

Stephanie started to ran her tongue over her neck and chest, finally embracing her juicy lips around his left nipple. Practically able to take your entire breast in his mouth, I fed long nails all over the skin Stephanie back as the mouth and lips went back and forth between my nipples; nibbling and sucking on one while she squeezed and teased the other fingers. Seizure of fistfuls of leaves as my head rolled from side to side, Stephanie continued her slow descent down my quivering body, eventually sliding her body between his legs wide open, rising up on his knees. Stephanie slid his hands over the skin of the feet, as I felt her eyes eagerly devouring every inch of me.

"God, your skin is so soft." She whispered sensually.

Stephanie started kissing the inside of both legs, back and forth from one to the other, slowly working her way around the knees and down the inside of her thigh towards its cost.

"Hmmm, and it tastes like cotton candy." She whispered between kisses and licks.

From now on, every single cell in my body trembled with unbridled passion and desire. My heart raced at epic speed, my body temperature was rising with the intensity of the pressure cooker and my entire body was putty in her hands. Stephanie was lying on his stomach between her legs and her face was just inches from my sexual center.

I felt a gust of cold air strike against my outer folds and watched with a sigh, I saw Stephanie gently blowing on them and then ran into the apartment of his warm tongue firmly up and over the surface of my tender slit. My body jerked as I sucked in a deep, gasping breath. I heard that Stephanie took a deep breath as he gently mesh nose and closed his mouth on my swollen lips and pulsating slit, moving them around in a circular motion. The tip of the nose, in fact, slightly dampened with me.

Stephanie then devoured the very core of my sexual beings; throw deep in the mouth and around the hill. She wrapped her arms around my hips and thighs, she put her hands on my lower abdomen, his fingers brushed my little patch of auburn pubic hair when probed her tongue deep inside me. My back arched in a violent move toward the ceiling and your hands immediately went to his own breast; kneading them firmly as Stephanie devoured their sexual core. Sucking my now throbbing and swollen fleshy folds in and out of the mouth, nose poke inside my slit and probing on the hood of my clitoris with your tongue, my fragile body was soon convulse wildly.

"Mmmmh, God, you're so sweet." Stephanie moaned softly.

Just the sound of Stephanie's voice with a mouthful of my gender has sent tremors unbridled desire coursing through my body boiling. I soon realized that I was drenched in sweat and my lungs were straining so hard against intense orgasm build up inside of me, I could hardly breathe. Fall hands on my hips, I grabbed a handful of leaves, twist it firmly in its grasp. She arched my back even more and threw her legs around Stephanie's neck. His hands slipped under her ass and took me to support me.

Stephanie was like a ravenous lion's mouth plowing deeper into my sexual center. My wailing moan soon hear from the ceiling and walls, constantly echoed throughout the room as my head thrashed from side to side. At the moment, every muscle in my body seized a small cable crane burden against the overwhelming weight; legs locked like a vise clamped around his neck Stephanie, I caught her head in his hands, pushing it deeper into me and screamed at the top of my lungs. Orgasm unlike any I've ever had ravaged through my body convulses with tsunami-like force, nearly tearing me apart.

With my heart pounding furiously, my body went limp as the overwhelming intensity of my orgasm explosion passed; unlock the legs from around Stephanie's neck and collapsed one after the other on the mattress. Stephanie ran my ass down and then slowly crept over me as I was gasping for breath like a marathon runner mold.

I was panting so hard and still so impressed with the passion that I could not even speak. I'm tired noticed that Stephanie lips and chin were covered with a thick, glistening moisture of my gender.

Stephanie pressed her body down on me and pushed his tongue deep into my mouth. I threw my legs up and locked it tightly around the torso as my arms wrapped around his neck and shoulders. Suddenly I was on fire when I practically devoured her face, reveling in the taste of their own sexual juices on her lips and mouth. Finally coming to the air, we looked deep into each other's eyes. I could never get enough of Stephanie captivating eyes.

"God, you're so beautiful." I whispered.

With the smell of burning incense heavy room, I gently rolled Stephanie on her back and slid my tongue deep into his mouth. I felt the nails gently grazing up and down my bare back. It sent tremors of ecstasy flowing through every fiber of my being. I ran my tongue slowly chin, down and all around her long, elegant neck and then, still incredibly brave, slid down to her beautiful breasts. I massaged it gently as I wrapped my lips around one of her dark nipples protruding.

Sucking her left nipple deep into my mouth, I began gently massaging her right breast and nipple shape between your fingers. Stephanie deep breathing and soft moans told me that the girl who never once even considered lesbianism as a way of life; I never thought about that time, I was of course very good. He did not want her to cheat, I moved my head and wrapped his lips around the right nipple and teased her left fingers.

Following the lead of my tongue, I continued to slid Stephanie muscled body, through her ripped stomach, small brush trimmed brown hair. I felt her body starts to tense up and felt her spread her legs to allow me to access. He looked at her, Stephanie was incredibly sexy and seductive smile on his face as he gently nibbled on her finger. I continued in and around the upper thigh and then down the silky skin of her inner thighs. After that, spread her legs wide for me, I slid my body down on the mattress and my eyes fell on the most coveted of all prizes in the world of human males.

Although I have never seen close up, with the exception of my health book, I was completely out of breath. Stephanie had the most beautiful vagina I ever imagined could exist. It was just so perfectly shaped, bright pink on the inside, the outer folds were almost beet red and she was so wet that glistened in the soft light of candles in the room. Just the thought of that little old, I had this wonderful woman to wake up setting me on fire. I wrapped my mouth around the labia and gently rolled her folds around between my lips. Hearing Stephanie suck deep, gasping breath and then wailing moan that began to erupt from my mouth I said that I was hitting the nail on the head. He looked into her beautiful body, our intense eyes met and I watched Stephanie massaging breasts with one hand, he gently held the back of his head with the other and pushed me deeper into her sex.

As I continued delving deeper into her sexual center, squeezed my hand on my hand on her stomach and then ran his hand over the front of her body to her lips and stuck his middle finger in his mouth. After getting sucked him for a while, I pulled him back down her body and slowly slid it into her. Stephanie's back arched as her moans increased and her breathing quickened and deepened tremendously. With her body twitches and shakes her head from side to side, wrapped my lips around her clit as I put another finger into her and began to pump back and forth.

Stephanie's eyes spun wildly around the pits when I nipped and licked her clit. Releasing his grip on my head, Stephanie grabbed handfuls of silk sheets as her back arched even higher; Her body was violently convulse and her moans sounded almost like wailing in agony. At the time, her orgasm it virtually catapulted out of bed and my mouth was drunk with her delicate sexual juices. Slowly, her moans subsided when I sipped the remnants of his orgasm as a dehydrated dog.

With her body still trembling, I slowly ran my tongue back into the course is held down, sliding my body up on top of her for it. Already in the face, I pressed the sweat-soaked body firmly down on it; as our breasts mashed together, slid my tongue back deep into her open mouth and nice. As our lips locked tightly around our languages ​​and set up another deep inside our mouths, hands Stephanie went around me, and suddenly nails scratching gently up and down through the skin of the back.

After a while, I slid off Stephanie and she then turned around, came to me and before I knew it, we were intertwined in 69, which was so intense that I almost fainted. Stephanie my swollen folds into its mouth and oral stimulation soon I cramp out of control, with a strength I did not know I possessed. Stephanie I ate so eagerly that I was all over his face three times, each time she came around the mine. On the other hand, Stephanie sex was so incredibly sweet and delicious that I almost felt like I was broke dieting eating it.

Suddenly Stephanie slid two fingers deep inside me and found a place within me that has never been touched before. Someone may say my g-spot, but this was something much more sacred. My body began to convulse more violently than before; I could not stop it or control it. My moans and cries reached octaves, which could break the diamond. It felt as if my soul was literally trying to break away from my body and tear me in the middle of the process. It has become so intense that I felt the tears coming. By now I was sweating so profusely, and suddenly I started experiencing incredibly sharp pain in my chest, and I thought that going into cardiac arrest.

I asked Stephanie to stop because I was actually becoming quite scared, but she did not. Then, at the moment, my back arched and I was in a virtual horseshoe. Stephanie was literally threw me when I planted his feet deep into the mattress with his back still arched, head and shoulders lying on a soft silk. I grabbed a handful of leaves, moaning at the top of my lungs and gushed like a geyser. My mouth agape, eyes spin, every muscle in my body was caught and tapered; I was not breathing and was now desperately trying to remember how to.

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